Greetings! I am Norma Martinez, Principal of Felton Elementary School and I am delighted to be working with some of the most amazing students, as well as dedicated and highly qualified teachers and staff.  

At Felton Elementary School we follow the Districtís Vision and Mission by ensuring our students are receiving a quality education in all content areas that will lead them to college as they pursue a career of their choice.  We have high expectations for our students and they always rise to the occasion.  

Felton Elementary is very parent friendly and our monthly Cafecitos are ongoing opportunities for parents to hear about the latest educational developments such as California Common Core State Standards.  Currently, we are offering an eight parent workshop through Grupo Crecer that will give parents strategies on how to ensure their child is successful not only in school but in life.

Our clean and safe environment gives students the opportunity to focus on their academics:  English Language Arts, English Language Development, Math, Social Studies, Science and Physical Education.  At Felton we are on board with a healthy attitude and students engage in Physical Activity through a SPARKS curriculum offered to students in grades 3rd ñ 5th .  

Additionally, we have intervention programs during the school day and afterschool that help students master key concepts thus giving our students many opportunities to shine.  The LEAP afterschool program at Felton Elementary School is a first class program with many opportunities for our students to develop their interest in the arts such as in dance, sports and enrichment.  This year we are proud to have won the volleyball championship.  

Come visit our shinning stars at Felton Elementary School where we will go above and beyond your expectation!   


Norma Martinez